The wine cellar (EN)

Nouveau cadre,A new setting, a new concept!

Come and choose your own wine in the wine cellar.

Can’t make up your mind between a Saumur and a Bordeaux to go with your meal? What could be better than to try out a few wines before sitting down at the dining table?

The idea is simple: your wishes, you dish, our tips, your choice!

And what about continuing the tasting at home? You can now buy your wine at the Brasserie cellar and share it with your friends or just add a nice bottle to your own collection.



Julien Leguillanton’s recommendations

Julien has a wide range of experience in different professions in the hotel and restaurant trade. He has tested the quality of wines, grape varieties and vintages, and takes great pleasure in unearthing little treasures.

Today as the sommelier-cellar master at La Brasserie Bleue, he can put his experience into practice. He advises diners on the wines best adapted to their dishes and their inclinations, and shares his new discoveries of wines from the Loire Valley and elsewhere, with a preference for organic and natural wines.

Do you enjoy subtle and unexpected wines?
Why not leave the beaten track?


An innovation in Vannes and the Gulf of Morbihan

This light and cosy wine cellar is air-conditioned (with temperatures never going above 20 degrees), and is a model of its kind. Here you can find no less than 300 wines and some 50 different spirits (rum, whisky, gin, etc.), as well as a selection of fine foods.

You can also taste the wines and even have a meal in the cellar, at the big dining table for 10 to 12 people: ideal for company seminars, an evening out with colleagues or friends, and even for wine-tasting events (upcoming).

The range of wines is constantly changing. We are also happy to hear your suggestions.



A man who can savour wine never just drinks it, but enjoys its smooth secrets

Salvador Dali